Helping members to be more faithful to their spiritual life.

The Companions of New Skete is a fellowship of lay people who seek to be formally connected with the New Skete Communities in order to deepen their spiritual lives.

Through their connection, they look to incorporate monastic values that help them live out the call of the Gospel in a lay setting, and at the same time help support the mission of New Skete.

This enrichment program serves those that seek to integrate prayer and spirituality in their daily activities, and enhances the individuals vocation as members vis-à-vis their commitment to their own Christian life.

Appearance at Emmaus
The Appearance at Emmaus
Icons have long been used in prayer as aids to experiencing the beauty and love of God. This icon depicts the story in Luke 24:13-35 about how two of Jesus’ disciples experienced the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus.
About New Skete

New Skete is a religious community of men and women dedicated to monastic life in the Eastern Orthodox Church.  

The Monastic life has but one rule, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and one goal, that we each attain the end for which we are created.

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